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    Live Webinar Updates

    • Verzeo is conducting a live #premium webinar on Introduction to Data Engineer Road Map 📆March 27th between 🕗 6 - 7 pm. The mentor for this #webinar is Shashank Mishra 🇮🇳 a Data Engineer.

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    Check out our Webinar Series

    • Skills required to ace interviews | Skills required to ace software engineer interviews - Webinar Manvi Tyagi - Software Engineer at Twitter

    • "Digital Transformation is the new Future" By Bharath S - Cloud & Application Modernization Engineer at Deloitte.

    • Here's why the crypto world & social media will consume a massive wallet share in the future! by Prathmesh

    • How I Became A Tesla Vehicle Designer - by Jonathan Powers

    • Path Your Career With Thrifty & Get Answers To Your Future


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    Manvi Tyagi's Series - Data Structure (Season 1)

    • Episode 1 - Introduction to Recursion - Data Structures

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